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Guide to proper descaling of your favourite coffee machine

If you are a true coffee lover, you will certainly have a machine at home for preparing your favourite beverages. Whether it's a Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Bialetti or Caffitaly, these machines require periodic descaling to ensure optimal quality of the coffee you brew and a long service life.

What is descaling?

Descaling is an important process to keep your coffee machine in good health. When you use water to prepare coffee or other beverages, minerals such as calcium and magnesium can build up inside the machine, creating deposits called 'limestones'. These deposits can affect the quality of the coffee you prepare and limit the lifespan of your machine.

Why is it important to descale your coffee machine?

Decalcifying ensures that your coffee is always of high quality and that your machine lasts longer. Without regular descaling, limescale deposits can build up inside the machine and affect the quality of the coffee you brew.

In addition, limescale can cause machine malfunctions such as reduced water pressure, dust build-up and the development of an unpleasant smell.

When to descale your coffee machine?

The frequency of descaling depends on the use you make of your coffee machine and the hardness of the water in your area. Generally, we recommend descaling every 3-4 months, but if you drink a lot of cups of coffee a day or if the water in your area is particularly hard, you may need to descale your machine more frequently.

How to descale your coffee machine

You can download the free PDF of the complete guide on how to descale with a photo guide on how to do it. You can download the free PDF by clicking here.

Warning: there are some automatic coffee machines on the market that require a specific procedure to perform descaling. For these models we recommend that you follow the procedure indicated in the coffee machine's instruction booklet.

You can also follow this short step-by-step guide on how to descale your coffee machine, regardless of the model you own.

1. Choose an appropriate descaling product for your machine. In addition to products specific to your machine model, there are also universal descaling products that can be used on all machines.

2. Empty the water tank from the machine and remove any capsules or pods.

3. Prepare the descaling solution, following the instructions of the product used.

4. Fill the water tank with the descaling solution and start the machine as if you were making coffee. Make sure that the descaling solution gets into every part of the machine.

5. Fill the water tank with clean water and start the machine again, as if you were making coffee. This process will help remove all descaling agent residue inside the machine.

6. Repeat step 5 twice more using only clean water.

7. Once the descaling cycle is complete, thoroughly wash the water tank and the parts of the machine that have been in contact with the descaling solution.

8. Carry out one or two coffee cycles with clean water to remove any residue and restore the quality of your coffee.


By following these simple steps you can keep your coffee machine in good condition and continue to enjoy the coffee you love so much. Regular descaling ensures that your coffee will always be of high quality and that your machine will last a long time. So if you have never done so, descale your coffee machine today!


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