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Compatible capsules with Bialetti

Capsules produced with Love in Italy compatible with all Bialetti®* coffee machines.

Discover our selection of coffee, beverages, tea and herbal teas in compatible capsules for your Bialetti®*.

Bialetti compatible capsules - Caffè Nero Espresso

Nero Espresso Coffee - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Intense roasted coffee with a full, strong taste

Bialetti Compatible Capsules - Crema di Napoli Coffee

Crema di Napoli Coffee - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Extra strong coffee inspired by real Neapolitan coffee

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Magic mat, kitchen saver


Magic mat 30x15cm

Bialetti Compatible Compostable Capsules - Coffee Heart of Rome

Cuore di Roma Coffee - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Coffee with a balanced taste and velvety body

Bialetti Compatible Capsules - Extra Creamy Coffee

Extra Cream Coffee - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Extra creamy coffee. Finely ground to obtain a double cream in the cup.

Blond toasting.

Bialetti Compatible Capsules - Decaffeinated Intenso Coffee

Deca Intenso coffee - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Decaffeinated coffee with a roasted and persistent taste

Bialetti Compatible Capsules - Sweet Ginseng

Sweet Ginseng - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Sweet, creamy and energizing Ginseng.

Sweet Hazelnut - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Hazelnut flavored with toasted hazelnuts

Bialetti Compatible Capsules - Creamy Barley

Creamy Barley Coffee - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Creamy barley coffee with a toasted and pleasant taste

Bialetti Compatible Capsules - Mokaccino Dolce

Sweet Mokaccino - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Coffee, milk and cocoa for a mouth-watering mokaccino

Bialetti Compatible Capsules - Sweet Lemon Tea

Sweet Lemon Tea - Capsules compatible with Bialetti


Sweet lemon tea to enjoy in a large cup

Abaribi Croissant apricot flavour - puff pastry with mother yeast


Large, mouth-watering croissant with apricot filling

  • -€10.00

Brandani frothy milk frother - for creamy and delicious cappuccinos


Brandani's frothy milk frother is the must-have automatic milk frother that allows you to make bar-quality cappuccinos in no time at all.

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