"We are already living our Dream and we will do everything to never wake up again. "This is the Allegri family's answer when it comes to Dreams in the drawer. Dad Giuseppe with his sons Davide and Niccolò are the Allegri family. All three live in Brescia. More than 5 years ago they had a very specific dream in their drawer: to have a business together, given the strong bond that has always united them in everything.

La Capsuleria is the story of the Allegri family that has conquered tens of thousands of families all over Italy thanks to the quality of their Capsules and Coffee Pods, Tea Beverages and Herbal Teas, produced with love entirely in Italy and sold in their shops under the brand name "la Capsuleria" and on their online shop:


The Allegri family have always been great fans and regular consumers of coffee, starting with the dear old Moka pot and then moving on to the most modern and advanced extraction methods with Capsules, Coffee Pods and Automatic Machines. A passion so visceral, great and powerful that it drove the Allegri family to invest all their life savings in a project that has always had for them the charm and appearance of a dream rather than a business based on simple numbers. 


So, almost as a joke, one evening during a classic family dinner, the light bulb went on. Their dream of having a business all three of them together came true in front of their eyes: it had to be a coffee shop. The market at that time was in its infancy, all to be discovered, conquered and explored with the aim of bringing the same love and passion for coffee that Giuseppe, Davide and Niccolò had always shared into the homes of thousands of Italians.

Passion for the family, for work and passion for coffee. All encapsulated in a small pod 🙂

Allegri's words: On the wave of enthusiasm we invested all our life savings to create our first Capsuleria in the historic centre of Brescia. Right from the start, we formed important partnerships with historic Italian coffee roasters who embraced and took our project to heart.

On 12 April 2014 the first Capsuleria took shape. Behind the counter started the youngest of the Allegri: Niccolò.

We have to admit it. At the beginning it was very hard. There was a lot of mistrust for a new and unoriginal product. We went through difficult months, so much so that we were worried about the success of the project.

But we didn't give up and we never gave up.The winter of 2014 was the turning point. 

Our first Capsuleria took off on a wave of enthusiasm, a smile, commitment and sacrifices from the whole family. For us, it was like living a daydream. 

We were almost incredulous when we saw an unexpected success in front of our eyes.

And it didn't end there. We really didn't think that our DREAM could go that far. 

Our customers were so enraptured by the project that they asked us if they could open a shop like ours, until in September 2015 the first Franchising opening in the province of Brescia (BS) and then an incredible expansion throughout Italy, which also sucked Davide and Giuseppe in.

A real Fairytale seasoned by a lot of work, passion for the Family, passion for Coffee and never stop dreaming.  In 2020, the Allegri family opened their 33rd Capsuleria in Italy, with a large family of 75,000 satisfied customers who buy their capsules and pods every day and have decided to change their lives (at least in terms of coffee).

(at least in terms of coffee) 🙂 🙂 a coffee of choice.


Our blends start their journey from the best plantations in South/Central America, India and Africa, and are then roasted in Italy, in the cities of Brescia, Vicenza, Padua and Syracuse.

In the roasting plants with which we collaborate, the Arabica and Robusta blends we have meticulously studied are created, unique in their taste and creaminess.

The Capsuleria blends are then encapsulated in food-grade plastic capsules. When we started this adventure, we wanted to differentiate ourselves in every way, not only for the taste of coffee, which, in any case, must be the fundamental element of our reality.

The best Arabica coffees from South America, Colombia, Nicaragua and Robuste coffees from South Africa and India arrive at the warehouses of our partner roasting plants. Where they are meticulously checked by the quality department for quality standards, organoleptic properties and bean size.

The arrival, lot and quantity are recorded, and the stock is then sorted by category, origin and production priority. Once it has passed inspection, the green coffee is processed through roasting, grinding and encapsulation. The steps are monitored by the employees who check the quality, delivery, result, aroma, notes and body.

Once the green coffee has passed the inspection it is processed through roasting, grinding and encapsulation. 

All steps are controlled by the employees who check the quality, delivery, in-cup result, aromas, notes and body.  If the blends produced pass all the quality tests, they are packed, packaged and shipped by express courier to our central warehouse. 


The coffee has now arrived at the central warehouse. In our warehouse of 2000sqm in Brescia all the coffees, drinks, teas and herbal teas in capsules and pods for all the systems present on the market are kept in precious custody, produced by La Capsuleria in collaboration with our historical Italian roasting partners.

All our recipes for Coffee, Beverages, Tea and Herbal Tea blends have been studied ad HOC for the Capsuleria and at each monthly production all the products are personally checked by all the employees in the roasting plant and by the owners of the Capsuleria to verify that each cup of coffee respects the original recipe. We are very keen that every cup of coffee meets the same standards, day in, day out, without letting you down, ever!


From our central warehouse all products are then sorted to our shops in Italy to stock all the shelves and be ready for final sale.

The coffee has passed all checks and quality standards and is now ready to be put on sale and to meet 100% of the demands of all our 70,000 satisfied customers.

The demand for La Capsuleria's products has increased exponentially over the last 5 years and the company has grown in order to be able to guarantee the exact same result for every cup of coffee, preserving the taste of the original recipes and the craftsmanship and tradition that coffee roasting requires.


The deer is an animal rich in symbolism, linked both to the instinctive strength of the body and spirit and to the power of sexuality, calm and fertility. This last characteristic is due in particular to its antlers, which express the continuous renewal of life, the process of death and rebirth. In fact, the horns are renewed annually, falling off and being reborn in spring with an extra branch, symbolising increased strength and age.

Despite the fact that it is instinctively perceived as a calm and peaceful animal, it is still wild and as such primitive and difficult to tame. That is why, when it appears to us in a dream, it refers to instinctive drives. Although it advances with its silent, solitary pace, it does not back down from a fight, especially when it comes to conquering a female. At that moment, it unleashes its majestic, branch-like horns, clashing with rivals of the same sex in order to gain the upper hand.

The antlers are undoubtedly the most fascinating part of the deer, attracting attention and making it special. Similar to branches, which are also useful for camouflage in the forest, they express radiant power, so much so that the animal is associated with the sun. But it is also associated with the tree of life, symbolised by the antlers that rise up towards the sky, acting as a link between the earthly and spiritual worlds. In this context, the deer is also a figure of union (and passage) between the two worlds, contributing to the union of opposites, advancing between the here and the not here.


Our aim is to convey an emotion so strong and intense through the art of coffee that you can leave the world behind and transit, even if only for a few moments, to a sensory dimension that lies beyond time.


The Capsuleria team now numbers 50 people between the Depot and the Sales Network.

We have created a solid and well-structured company organisation.

Each section of our company is guaranteed and controlled by highly qualified and suitably trained staff to ensure that all company processes are carried out and completed according to the careful business philosophy of the 3 owners Giuseppe, Davide and Niccolò who are an integral part of every Capsuleria® process.

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