Coffee chosen with love and passion

Our blends start their journey from the best plantations in South/Central America, India and Africa and are then roasted in Italy in the cities of Brescia, Vicenza, Padua and Siracusa.

In the roasting plants with which we collaborate, the Arabica and Robusta blends we have meticulously studied are created, unique in their taste and creaminess.

Our green coffee is processed through roasting, grinding and encapsulation. The steps are monitored by employees who check the quality, delivery, aroma, notes and body.

A unique and magical sensory journey

Tasting one or more of our coffee blends will take you on a magical journey through the perception of aromas and all the aromatic nuances in your cup of coffee.

You will start with our most aromatic, spiciest, sweetest and most fragrant Arabica coffees, with notes of flowers, honey, red fruits, cereals and citrus fruits, which will take you to Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and Nicaragua... And you will end up with our Robust coffees, with a stronger, more persistent aromatic profile, with notes of wood, cocoa, biscuits, toasted bread, hazelnuts, chocolate, ash and earth, which will take you to India, Vietnam, Uganda and Tanzania.

The beginning of Capsuleria

La Capsuleria is the story of the Allegri family that has won over tens of thousands of families all over Italy thanks to the quality of their Capsules and Pods of Coffee, Tea and Herbal Teas produced with love entirely in Italy and sold in their Stores under the brand name "la Capsuleria".

"We are already living our Dream and we will do everything to never wake up again. " This is the Allegri family's answer when it comes to Dreams in the drawer. Dad Giuseppe with his sons Davide and Niccolò are the Allegri family. 

An invention all Made in Italy

The Allegri family have always been great enthusiasts and assiduous consumers of coffee, starting with the dear old Moka and then moving on to more modern and evolved extraction methods with Capsules and Coffee Pods and Automatic Machines.

A passion so visceral, great and powerful that it drove the Allegri family to invest all their life savings in a project that has always had for them the charm and appearance of a dream rather than a business based on simple numbers.

The art of choosing coffee blends

All our coffee blends, contained in our capsules and pods, are derived from a careful selection of coffee origins, carefully selected both by us personally and in collaboration with real experts in the field. They have been perfected over time to meet all the flavour profiles required by our customers.

Coffee might be perceived as a 'banal' drink, but those behind the scenes, those who create the famous 'black beverage', starting from the cultivation of the bean to the actual roasting, know very well that it is not so banal.

Behind it all, leaving aside all that is commercial and profit-making, there is a world made up of a culture born hundreds of years ago in the Middle East with infinite nuances of smell and taste perception. Since we are not really a roasting company, but exclusively expert selectors of coffee blends, we have decided to enter into important collaborations with historic Italian roasting companies, with whom we work in symbiosis, sharing the passion and love for the black beverage, known throughout the world as coffee.

Infinite Possibilities of Choice and Results

The selection of our coffee blends obviously starts from two very precise cornerstones, Arabica and Robusta, the two coffee qualities par excellence, which, through the varieties, cultivation, harvesting, roasting and grinding methods, and the blends that are created from their mix, never random and always aimed at a very precise result, give the possibility of infinite taste variables.

A Magical Journey

Selecting one or more coffee blends is a magical journey, allowing you to close your eyes and perceive the aromas and all the aromatic nuances, and allowing you to travel the world without ever having left.

Starting with our selected Arabicas, more aromatic, spicier, sweeter, more fragrant with notes of flowers, honey, red fruits, cereals, citrus fruits... 

Going all the way to our selected Robustas, with a stronger aromatic profile, more persistent, with notes of wood, cocoa, biscuits, toasted bread, hazelnuts, chocolate, ash and earth...

Precise and conscious choice

Based on these notions, the selection days of our coffee blends are characterised by a very precise schedule:

Choosing the end result in the cup

To define the first stage, it seems like a nonsense, but we start with the end result we want to achieve. We therefore start with a well-defined idea of the result in the cup that we want, and that the market wants.

It will therefore be a coffee that is more or less intense, persistent, bitter, with sweet or perfumed notes, more acidic or more astringent...we could go on and on. Without a clear idea of what we want to achieve, we do not even begin.

Defining the end result in the cup

Definire la prima fase, sembra un controsenso, ma si parte dal risultato finale che si vuole ottenere. Partiamo quindi da un'idea ben definita del risultato in tazza che vogliamo e che vuole il mercato.

Sarà quindi un caffè più o meno intenso, persistente, amaro, con note dolci o profumate, più acido o più astringente... potremmo continuare a lungo. Senza un'idea chiara di ciò che si vuole ottenere, non si comincia nemmeno.

Coffee production

Once we have defined the origins of our coffee, the blend or the single-origin blend, always aiming at the end result, we carefully analyse the production cycle, another fundamental component in determining an excellent final yield.

The coffee beans of the chosen origins leave the coffee plantations of reference. They arrive at the roasting plantation still 'raw', i.e. green, in the characteristic jute sacks.

The first production step is roasting, i.e. the actual 'cooking of the beans'. Roasting the beans is also a true art; depending on the various roasting curves, different flavour profiles can be obtained while maintaining the same type of blend.

Roasting Coffee

Certain blends are roasted already as blends, in other cases the blend is created after roasting...

...always depending on the aromatic result you want to achieve.

Roasting is a key point depending on the intensity and perception of certain aromatic notes in the coffee depending on the desired end result. The more a bean is roasted, the more intense and properly roasted, woody, ashy aromatic profile is given to it.

By playing with time, temperatures and roasting curves, it is possible to define whether a particular type of coffee is to be enhanced with certain aromas or not.

Usually, after this phase, we do a first tasting with a bar machine, then the roasted beans are ground by us with a manual grinder, after which, we do the first tasting trials, with different grindings, without sugar, with medium sugar up to the classic sachet, the most commonly used sweetening method on the market.

Here is where you start to focus on taste perception. One closes one's eyes and begins the sensory journey into all the nuances of the aromatic profile of the first coffee result.

Coffee grinding

Dopo la prima degustazione sensoriale si arriva a una prima definizione sia della tostatura del blend o mix delle origini scelte, fino ad arrivare ad un altro passaggio molto importante del ciclo produttivo che è la macinatura dei nostri chicchi di caffè.

Un metro veramente molto importante in chiave di profilo aromatico, erogazione, e di quantità di caffè presente nella capsula.

Più i chicchi verranno macinati fini più si avrà un risultato farinoso e di polvere molto fine, con un risultato in tazza sempre più corposo, rotondo e sciropposo.


The last production step is precisely the encapsulation of the ground coffee in capsules, which is done automatically by the encapsulating machine, after being specially equipped for the blend chosen according to the previously selected parameters of the final product.

Final Tasting

With the coffee machine, attention is first paid to the brewing, which must be smooth and never interrupted. After that, attention shifts to the creaminess, the coffee must always be dense, syrupy and full-bodied, and finally, the aromatic notes chosen in the initial phase are confirmed, which must be found in every cup of coffee to ensure that the coffee is always of the highest quality.

The End of the Magic Journey

Finally, the part we like best, sample after sample we all carry out several tasting tests together, always using various sweetening methods, comparing perceptions, immediate and aftertaste aromatic nuances, peaks of acidity and astringency.

It is a magical journey with open eyes in a mechanical/industrial process that has a very strong human, emotional component and is all aimed at that final result enclosed in a small cup of coffee that has made us dream and fall in love so much. 

And may Capsuleria's dream never end... the dream of bringing authentic, Italian, quality espresso into the homes of millions.

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