Coffee machines and accessories for your machine

Coffee machines and accessories for your coffee machine of high quality at cheap prices. Discover the selection of La Capsuleria.

50 Cups in recyclable paper


Our unique recyclable paper capsules are designed to make your coffee taste even better

Anti-limescale filter

descaling liquid for all coffee machines

Descaling liquid


100 Normal sugar sachets


Those who really know you...know how much sugar you want in your coffee and we know it!!!

100 Extraordinary Sugar Packets Individually wrapped to impress your guests and make life sweeter

1x "Perfect Coffee" Glass Cup by La Capsuleria


Pack of 1 glass cup

Eco Courtesy Kit - 100 pcs Cad.


Pack of: 100 paper cups, 100 wooden paddles, 100 sugar sachets

2x 80ml Thermal Glass Cups "MIKI"


Pack of 2x 80ml thermal glass cups

  • -€35.00

Super Offer - La Capsuleria Coffee Machine + 100 Mixed Coffee Capsules + 2 Free Glass Cups


The offer includes:
- 1x 'La Capsuleria' Coffee Machine
- 100 Mixed Coffee Capsules
- 2 Glass Cups + 5 Bonus (Free)
- Free Shipping
- Expires on Sunday

  • -€10.00

Brandani frothy milk frother - for creamy and delicious cappuccinos


Brandani's frothy milk frother is the must-have automatic milk frother that allows you to make bar-quality cappuccinos in no time at all.

often bought together with these products:

Croissant and Coffee,
how can you say no?

Spreadable creams made in Italy

Crunchy Protein Bars Made in Italy

the perfect combination for breakfast and snack:

The perfect cup
for every occasion

We know that...
you have a sweet tooth

These are for
the nostalgics

Untraceable Candies

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