Original Tassimo capsules

Original Tassimo capsules for all Tassimo coffee machines. Discover our selection of coffee and beverages in original capsules


Grand Mere Espresso - Original Tassimo capsules


Classic and balanced coffee. Round taste


Grand Mere Petit Dejeuner - Original Tassimo capsules


With Petit Dejeuner you get a traditional French coffee with a generous taste and a nice golden crema, which is ideal to give the start of your day the boost it needs.


Jacobs Latte Macchiato Classico - Original Tassimo capsules


Jacobs Classic Latte Macchiato is a delicious combination of espresso, milk and foam, forming three delicious layers in the cup of coffee, just like the best coffees


Jacobs Caramel Latte Macchiato - Original Tassimo capsules


With Jacobs Caramel Latte Macchiato you get a delicious combination of espresso, milk and foam and, of course, caramel. Together they form three tasty layers in the cup, just as you would expect from your favourite café


Jacobs Cappuccino Choco - Original Tassimo capsules


Cappuccino with a new and exciting taste, which works well as a lighter alternative to pure coffee. It is suitable for quiet, intimate moments or as a different, mouth-watering treat for guests.

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