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Paper Coffee Pods ESE44

Paper Pods made with Love in Italy.

Discover our selection of coffee in ESE 44 Paper Pods format, perfect for all Paper Pod Coffee Machines


Nero Coffee Pods - Paper Pods ESE 44


Intense roasted coffee with a full, strong taste


Allegri Coffee Pods - Paper Pods ESE 44


Classic Bar Espresso. Intense, creamy and roasted


Classic Coffee - Paper Pods ESE 44


Classic and balanced coffee. Round taste


Arabica Coffee - Paper Pods ESE 44


100% Arabica coffee with a velvety body and delicate aroma. Blond roast.


Coffee Deca - Paper Pods ESE 44


Decaffeinated coffee with a roasted and persistent taste

Abaribi Croissant apricot flavour - puff pastry with mother yeast


Large, mouth-watering croissant with apricot filling

Ginseng-flavoured coffee - Paper Pods ESE 44


Ginseng-flavoured coffee is the ideal drink to regain energy after a relaxing break.

Hazelnut-flavoured coffee - Paper Pods ESE 44


Hazelnut-flavoured coffee is the ideal drink to recharge your batteries and restore your energy after a relaxing break.

Barley Coffee - Paper Pods ESE 44


Barley coffee with a toasted and pleasant taste

Lemon Black Tea Leaves - Paper Pods ESE 44


Fine and selected Black Tea leaves, combined with the aroma of lemon

Wild Berries Infusion - Paper Pods ESE 44


Infusion made from valuable fruits enriched with natural and pure flavours

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Brandani frothy milk frother - for creamy and delicious cappuccinos


Brandani's frothy milk frother is the must-have automatic milk frother that allows you to make bar-quality cappuccinos in no time at all.

Pan di Stelle Cookies - 350g

The combination of good fresh Italian milk and cocoa gives life to Mulino Bianco's Pan di Stelle, one of the bestsellers of the Italian breakfast.

  • -30%

Kellogg's Corn Flakes Cereal - 375g

The most well-known corn flakes in the world, enriched with vitamins, a classic of the global breakfast scene, always ready to eat and consistently crisp.

  • -30%

Pavesini Classic - 200g


Pavesini are the unmistakable light and delicate cookies. The tasty and crunchy snack perfect for any time of the day. Take them anywhere thanks to the single-serving packages. They are low in calories and can also be used to prepare desserts.

  • -30%

Barilla Mulino Bianco - Golden Slices (x36 slices)

The "Le Dorate" rusks from Mulino Bianco are even thicker, making them easier to spread on. Try this wheat flour-based product for a tasty breakfast.

Pan di Stelle Cocoa and Hazelnut Spread 380g


The Pan di Stelle spread is made from the combination of high-quality ingredients such as fresh eggs and 100% Italian hazelnuts. Free from palm oil and hydrogenated fats.

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