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Crema di Napoli Coffee - Capsules compatible with Bialetti

Extra strong coffee inspired by real Neapolitan coffee



Strong-tasting coffee that lingers on the palate for many hours with an intense, enveloping tretaste

Quantity ml


We recommend a ristretto coffee brew in a small cup


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Product Details

Once upon a time there was NAPLES. Naples the real one. That of Pulcinella, that of popular folklore, that of the tarantella danced late into the night in Piazza Plebiscito, that of the sfogliatella eaten at dawn. That of San Gennaro, that of the 'Pizza Napoletana' and that of the real Caffe' with the '5 Cs' as tradition dictates.

I have been lucky enough to go to Naples several times in my life. As a child, as a boy and as a man.

The memory that immediately comes back to me is the smell of coffee in the morning in an old coffee shop near Piazza Plebiscito, where the coffee professor's litmus test was always the same: the metal teaspoon inserted exactly into the centre of the cup of Neapolitan coffee had to sink very slowly to the edges of the cup due to the thick crema of the coffee

And that very coffee was extraordinary, so creamy and intense that I never drank a coffee like that again in my life if not in that very old café in my beautiful Naples. This is how I like to remember Naples, with the smell of that coffee that tastes of Naples, that tastes of life.

Because when you go to Naples the air you breathe is always the same.
That air that smells of Italy.
That air that you breathe, passes through your mind and goes straight to your heart.

Today, we wanted to transform the real Naples into our Caffè CREMA DI NAPOLI, created from the 'recipe' of that ancient café that made history and that will accompany me for the rest of my life.

"Giuseppe Allegri"
Founder of the Capsuleria



Very dark roast. The result is a coffee with a distinctly dark crema and a bitter, pungent, penetrating taste.


Capsule packaged in the Aroma Saving Pack. Perfect for preserving all the aromas of freshly roasted coffee.

Waste disposal

Separate all components: Outer Box [Paper] - Outer Wrap [Plastic] - Capsule Wrap [Plastic] - Capsule Closure Film [Plastic] - Coffee [Wet]


Bialetti* compatible capsules for all models of Bialetti* Coffee Machines

Product Additional Details

100% Made in Italy

Prodotto con amore e passione in Italia
Made with love and passion in Italy

Perfect Capsules

Our Bialetti* compatible capsules are the result of years of research, studies and laboratory tests. In fact, we guarantee 110% perfect compatibility with all models of Bialetti* machines on the market with the guarantee of a coffee that will always be intense, creamy, full-bodied and delicious to the palate.

Love and Passion

Every single production of coffee, beverages, tea and herbal teas is carefully controlled in every aspect: starting with the cultivation of the bean, then on to transport, roasting, packaging and finally to the preparation of your order, which is always carried out with care and love by highly trained and qualified staff

A magical journey

Creating a coffee blend is a magical journey that allows you to close your eyes and through the perception of aromas allows you to travel the world without ever having left. Our aim is that you too can take this fabulous magical journey around the world every time you drink a cup of La Capsuleria coffee

Every week you will find lots of offers and promotions for Bialetti Pods from free shipping to discounts from 5€ to 100€ / 30%. You will then be able to buy your compatible capsules at truly amazing prices. To check which promotions are running click on the "promo of the day" button to choose the promotional step most suitable for your purchase.

If you are looking for compatible capsules or pods for your Bialetti machine, you have come to the right place. We have 12 different flavours in Pods for the Bialetti and we are sure that at least one of them will win over your taste buds.

Do the Bialetti System Compatible Capsules you buy run out in a matter of days? You don't order your Compatible Capsules in time, but your in-laws and friends run out of stock right away? Do you buy lots of Capsules?

We've thought of that too, don't worry. In the category of Capsules for all Bialetti Machines change the number of capsules you want to buy and select the largest size, you will see that the price per capsule will be much cheaper. These are packets of Pods with a really bargain price, they will allow you to make a proper supply at a really unobtainable price. Look for them now in the category.

One of the most frequently asked questions from those entering the world of Bialetti Capsules is: What is the perfect coffee for me?

Surely guessing at the first shot is really hard, also because we have 5 different blends in Bialetti compatible capsules with completely different aromas. Let's say you can start by figuring out whether you like a strong, black, roasted, intense coffee with notes of cocoa, chocolate, spices and a strong body.

Already from this we can propose you for example our Crema di Napoli or Nero Espresso blends, they are all coffees with a very strong roast with woody, roasted and biscuity notes.

Or a balanced and pleasant Coffee, or velvety and sweet, spicy and aromatic....we could go on and on.

The thing we recommend is to read the indications that you will find directly on the product image, it will give you an indication of the taste you will find in the cup and of course try, try and try, 100°000 other people have found their perfect coffee, we are sure you will too.

Of course, all our capsules are also perfectly compatible with Bialetti Gioia, Bialetti Smart and Bialetti coffee machine models with chip or aluminium capsule reader

Inside each product sheet of Bialetti Compatible Capsules you will find the section dedicated to the disposal of Bialetti Capsules.

But don't worry, in each product sheet you will find specific instructions for correct disposal.

Within each product sheet of the Bialetti compatible Capsules you will find the section dedicated to the degree of intensity of Coffee and Beverages of the Capsules for Bialetti.

The intensity scale of our Capsules for Bialetti goes from 1 to 12.

Obviously the higher the coffee intensity for Bialetti, the stronger, more intense, roasted and persistent the coffee will be.

The lower the intensity, on the other hand, the softer, more velvety, aromatic, fruity and sweet the coffee will be.

So in each product sheet you will find specific indications on the intensity of the coffee or beverage you want to buy

Our capsules for your Bialetti machine are the result of years of study, research, tests and trials. After several years we can say that we have achieved a truly unrivalled quality. Our Pods produced in Italy will be perfect for your coffee machine model. By now coffee machines have no more secrets for us, we know exactly how a capsule must be produced to ensure that the result is extremely creamy, intense and full of flavour.

You don't drink coffee? You don't like it? Can't drink it? Bialetti coffee not to your liking? Don't despair. We have thought of you too. For your Bialetti Machine we have created Hot and Creamy Beverage Capsules to lick your lips, the bottom of your cup and your spoon. We're not kidding, the Bialetti Beverage Capsules have greatly increased the potential of your original Bialetti machine. In fact, with just one capsule you can enjoy a creamy barley, a sweet ginseng, a delicious mokaccino, a hot herbal tea...so get your cup ready because a world of delicious beverages is waiting for you, and of course we have plenty of caffeine-free drinks for the little ones.

So do we say capsules for Bialetti or pods for Bialetti? Let's say that it is technically correct to call them Capsules, but honestly we are of the opinion that since there is only one Bialetti Original system it is possible to call them both ways, we will immediately understand the moment you tell us that you have a Bialetti machine, that's all we need.

Within each product page of Bialetti Compatible Capsules you will find the section dedicated to the ingredients of coffee, beverages, tea and herbal teas of Bialetti Capsules.

We have various types of Capsules compatible with Bialetti coffee machines: Coffee of various strengths, drinks.

So each type of Capsule has specific ingredients.

But don't worry, on each product page you will find the specific ingredients.

All our Bialetti compatible capsules are compatible with all models of Bialetti Original coffee machines (they are also compatible with Bialetti Gioia and Bialetti Smart)

Within each product sheet of Bialetti Capsules you will find the section dedicated to the quantity in ml of Coffee or Beverage.


Capsules compatible with the following Bialetti* coffee machines:

Additional information

La Capsuleria
Capsules packed in a protected atmosphere. This packaging allows to keep all the aromatic qualities of the content unaltered over time until the expiration date (See Flow Pack / Box)
Via della Tecnica, 18, 36030 Sarcedo VI
Coffee capsules ready to use compatible with the Bialetti®* system
Blend of roasted and ground coffee in single-dose capsule. '' Raw material of EU / no EU origin '' (reg 775 2018 EU)
Store in a cool and dry place and to be consumed preferably by "see print on the package / box"
6,3g per Capsule
Capsules compatible with all models of Bialetti coffee machines

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