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What we talk about in this article:

  • How to get hot coffee
  • How to get creamy coffee
  • Maintenance of the machine
  • Importance of purging
  • How to purge
  • Technical indications

The importance of purging/rinsing for your coffee machine

If you are a coffee aficionado and own a coffee machine with Nespresso or Nescafé Dolce Gusto compatible capsules, you will know that the quality of your coffee depends to a large extent on the correct use of the machine. One of the most important steps for perfect coffee is to purge or rinse the machine before brewing.

Our advice is to purge/rinse before brewing each coffee or beverage. Even more important is to do this after the coffee machine has been switched on and thus after it has been 'idle' for several hours/days.

But what does purging the coffee machine mean and why is it so important?

Purging the coffee machine consists of running hot water through the coffee delivery system. This process is used to remove any coffee residue, powder or oil that may have accumulated inside the machine, especially after many capsules have been used. Purging keeps the coffee machine clean and in good condition, ensuring a more enjoyable and quality coffee experience.

Why is it so important to purge the coffee machine?

First of all, purging prevents old coffee or old coffee powder from mixing with fresh coffee, which can negatively affect the taste and quality of the coffee. In addition, the accumulation of coffee residues and other substances inside the machine can cause the formation of mould and bacteria, which can have negative effects on health. Finally, regular purging of the coffee machine can prolong the life of the machine and prevent malfunctions or technical problems.

How to purge the coffee machine

Purging your coffee machine is a simple process that only takes a few seconds. Here is how to bleed your coffee machine:

- Remove the empty capsule from the coffee machine and place a glass or cup under the brewing nozzle.

- Switch on the coffee machine and let it warm up for a few seconds.

- Press the coffee brewing button to run hot water through the coffee brewing system.

- Now you can brew your favourite coffee or beverage with the right temperature and pressure. you will see that it will taste much better.

In conclusion, purging the coffee machine is an essential step to ensure optimal coffee quality. Purging regularly, especially after the use of many Nespresso or Nescafé Dolce Gusto compatible capsules, can help keep your coffee machine in good condition and prolong its life.

This way, you can enjoy consistently good, creamy, intense and aromatic coffee.

See you next free guide :)

I also leave you with a small photo-guide on how to perform the flush/rinse correctly:

1. Switch on your coffee machine and make sure there is water in it

2. Lift the lever/tongue or otherwise discharge the contained capsule

2. Lift the lever/tongue or otherwise discharge the contained capsule

4. Close the lever/tongue of your coffee machine

5. It only dispenses water to fill a coffee cup

6. Brew your favourite coffee/beverage, you will see that it will be hotter and creamier

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