5 mistakes to avoid when making coffee

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What we talk about in this article:

  • How to get hot coffee
  • The correct cups to use
  • Machine maintenance
  • The right amount of coffee
  • How to descale
  • Component Cleaning

❌ 5 common mistakes to avoid when making coffee with your Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza®* coffee machine

Preparing Coffee and Beverages in compatible or original capsules and pods with your Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Bialetti machine....is a real pleasure. The transition of coffee preparation from the Moka to the Automatic machine was a real revolution.

The modern Nespresso, Lavazza®*, Dolce Gusto, Bialetti machines are real gems of modern engineering. With very few steps and in just a few seconds they allow you to have a truly extraordinary coffee.

The result, as you well know, is a coffee with a thick, dense crema, a sinuous body, and distinct, persistent aromas. We would dare say better than the coffee of many cafés. 

This is all great and very nice, but of course to enable our coffee machine to brew an extraordinarily good, creamy and dense coffee there are some mistakes to be absolutely avoided and some little tricks to put into practice regularly. Always remember that they are small appliances in contact with water, coffee and beverages and therefore need regular maintenance.®*

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when preparing your coffee:

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❌ Error 1 - Do not brew coffee immediately 

This may sound like a triviality, but it is not. Before brewing a coffee you need to rinse the internal circuit of your original Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, etc. machine. 

So once the machine is ready (usually the brewing lights turn from red to green) you will only have to brew water to fill a cup of coffee, i.e. without the original or compatible capsules inside. We discuss and explain this in more detail in this YouTube video: 

This simple operation will enable your coffee machine to:

- Achieve the right brewing pressure 

- Reach the right brewing temperature 

- Clean the brewing spout of any coffee residue 

- Clean the brewing spout of beverage residues  

- Maintain consistent coffee machine performance 

So please, from now on always rinse before every coffee, drink, tea or herbal tea.

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❌ Error 2 - Wrong choice of coffee cups

If you often get angry because your coffee in compatible or original capsules for your Nespresso, Dolce Gusto... machine turns out cold or even lukewarm in most cases, it is because the cups you choose are not correct. Let me explain:

Your original Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Bialetti, Caffitaly... machine was designed to dispense coffee at a temperature ranging from 90° to 95°, this is because it is the optimal temperature for coffee extraction and to ensure that the aromas of the blend contained in the original compatible capsules or pods are not altered. If the temperature were higher we would have a hotter coffee, but almost certainly a coffee with a burnt and unpleasant taste.

To solve this little problem you have 3 options:

- Use thermal glass cups. These cups have no heat loss, which will ensure that the temperature of the coffee remains constant at least 90° for a few minutes and you can enjoy it hot just the way you like it. 

- Use our compostable paper cups. These conical cups have minimal heat loss, which ensures that the temperature of the coffee remains constant for a few minutes at a minimum of 80/85° and can be enjoyed hot just the way you like it. Among other things, they are fully compostable, so after their use you can conveniently dispose of them in the separate collection of wet waste.

- If you use Porcelain / Ceramic cups it will be very important to perform the rinsing operation I explained before directly in this cup, as Porcelain and Ceramic disperse heat very quickly. This operation will heat the material of the cup, preparing it to receive the coffee and keep it for a few minutes at a temperature of at least 80/90°, so you can enjoy it hot just the way you like it.

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❌ Error 3 - Do not descale

Another of the most common mistakes is not regularly descaling your Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Caffitaly coffee machine.

Descaling is a very simple operation that will remove the accumulations of limescale and oils released by the coffee inside the brewing flow, to allow your coffee machine to maintain the correct pressure, temperature and avoid blocking the correct brewing.

❌ Error 4 - Wrong Quantity Dispensed

Espresso Coffee, Lungo Coffee, Ristretto Coffee, Americano Coffee?

Many times I am asked why coffee in compatible capsules or original pods sometimes comes out watery and not creamy. The answer most often is very simple: the quantity of coffee brewed is not adequate.

Each coffee has its own optimal brew, there are coffees designed to be brewed ristretto, others espresso, others long, etc...

Let's start by saying that each capsule has a different amount of coffee inside:

Coffee Compatible Capsules:

- Nespresso System Coffee Compatible: 5.7g

- Compatible with the Dolce Gusto system Coffee: 7g

- Compatible with the Caffitaly system Coffee: 7g

- Bialetti System Compatible Coffee: 6,4g

Beverage Compatible Capsules:

- Beverages for Nespresso system: 3g to 9g

- Beverages for Dolce Gusto system: from 4g to 15g

- Beverages for the Caffitaly system: from 4g to 13g

- Beverages for the Bialetti system: from 3g to 12g

You will therefore understand that every coffee in capsules or pods and every coffee machine has its ideal quantity. Let's say that to find a middle ground that will suit all people, all capsules and consequently all coffee machines we could say that for an optimal espresso coffee the recommended brew is: 30ml.

So a bar cup filled just over half full. Beyond this quantity the coffee, with a few exceptions, may be slightly less creamy and intense.

• Bevande per il sistema Dolce Gusto: da 4g a 15g

• Bevande per il sistema Caffitaly: da 4g a 13g

• Bevande per il sistema Bialetti: da 3g a 12g

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❌ Error 5 - Tank and capsule cleaning

I know for a fact that in your house you draw lots for who has to empty or clean the capsule drawer every time it is full. Come on, don't be lazy, remember that your coffee machine is always loyal to you, don't let it down!

So empty the capsule drawer of used capsules every time it is full. Also empty and rinse the drip tray so that no water leaks underneath the machine or onto your kitchen worktop, and so that any coffee or beverage residue that might be deposited inside is always thoroughly cleaned.

Remember that many times it is not the coffee machine that leaks too much water. But it is because the drip tray has not been emptied several times.

We are sure that this guide will be really useful for all coffee lovers who will forever avoid the 5 common mistakes in the preparation of coffee in compatible capsules and original pods for all coffee machines: Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Bialetti, Caffitaly, Paper Pods....

See you at the next free guide 🙂

Niccolò Allegri

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