Intense Arabica Coffee - Capsules compatible with Nespresso®*

Intense tasting coffee with a hint of sweetness



Balanced coffee with a rich, full flavour

Quantity ml


We recommend espresso coffee in a small cup to enjoy this coffee to the fullest.


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Product Details

Very special coffee. Intense and roasted with a clear sweet aftertaste given by the Arabica in the blend. In the cup it is creamy and full-bodied.

On the palate it is lingering, roasted and slightly sweet.

Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules for all Nespresso®* Krups and Nespresso®* De Longhi coffee machine models.

Perfect Capsules

This Coffee's Nespresso* compatible capsules are the result of years of research, studies and laboratory tests. In fact, we guarantee 110% perfect compatibility with all Nespresso* coffee machine models on the market with the guarantee of a coffee that is always intense, creamy, full-bodied and delicious to the palate.

Love and Passion

Every single production of this coffee is carefully controlled in every aspect: starting with the cultivation of the bean, moving on to transport, roasting, packaging, right up to the preparation of your order, which is always carried out with care and love by highly trained and qualified personnel

A magical journey

Creating a coffee blend a magical journey that allows you to close your eyes and through the perception of aromas allows you to travel the world without ever having left. Our aim is that you too can take this fabulous magical journey around the world every time you drink a cup of La Capsuleria coffee



Medium-light roast. The result is a coffee with a golden cream, a fragrant, smooth and balanced taste.


Capsule individually packaged in the Aroma Saver Pack. Perfect for preserving all the aromas of freshly roasted coffee.

Waste disposal

Separate all components: Outer Box [Paper] - Aroma Saver Pack [Plastic] - Capsule Wrap [Plastic] - Capsule Closure Film [Aluminium] - Coffee [Wet]


Branded Nespresso* compatible capsules for all Nespresso* coffee machine models

Additional information

La Capsuleria
Capsules packed in a protected atmosphere. This packaging allows to keep all the aromatic qualities of the content unaltered over time until the expiration date (See Flow Pack / Box)
Capsules compatible with all Nespresso®* machines Original - Essenza - Mini Essenza - Inissia - Prodigio - Pixie - U - Citiz - Lattissima One - Gamma Lattissima - Expert etc..
Via della Tecnica, 18, 36030 Sarcedo VI Via della Tecnica 18 36030 Sarcedo VI
Coffee capsules ready to use compatible with the Nespresso®* system
Blend of roasted and ground coffee in single-dose capsule. '' Raw material of EU / no EU origin '' (reg 775 2018 EU)
Store in a cool and dry place and to be consumed preferably by "see print on the package / box"
5,3g per Capsule









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